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Money transfer from Poland to the UK with Fonmoney Poland
You can also send money to Poland from the UK
We lowered our prices: no transfer fee and new GBP-PLN exchange rate!
Are you looking for a reliable and safe way to send money from Poland to the UK online?
Are you tired of complications an high transfer fees?
Do you want to pay bills or send money to friends or family in the UK?
Fonmoney is a licensed and established company for online money transfer in over 30 countries worldwide.
Sending money with Fonmoney is easy and less expensive than conventional banks.
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Transfer money to United Kingdom

Sending amount Transfer fee Payment processing fee
100 PLN 4.49 PLN 0 PLN
Your total Receivable amount
104.49 PLN 18.15 GBP
Exchange rate
1 PLN = 0.1815 GBP
FCA regulated
How to send money
from Poland to the UK:

  1. Fill in how much money you want to send from Poland to the UK

  2. Log in or create a free user account with Fonmoney. This way you can easily resend money from Poland to the UK in the future.

  3. We need the full name and IBAN of your receiver in the UK

  4. Choose how you want to pay for sending money to the UK from Poland.

  5. After your successful payment the transaction will be processed and the money will arrive in the UK after 2-3 business days
Send money from Poland to the UK
If you have ever asked yourself how to send money from Poland to the UK, you now have the answer: Fonmoney is an established and trustworthy company and we only work with selected and verivied companies to ensure the safety of every transaction. We always have the most current exchange rate and transparent transfer conditions. Therefore, we are a cheaper alternative to commercial banks.

To make a transfer from Poland to the UK, you don`t have to have forgein currency account and you don`t have to pay high transfer fees at your bank. With Fonmoney you can send money from Poland to the UK online in the fastest and cheapest way possible. All you have to do is to register at Fonmoney, this is necessary to guarantee your, as well as our safety. After you have registered successfully, you fill in how much zloty you want to send to the UK and pay for your transfer online. Fonmoney offers you a reliable payment option: pay by bank transfer, either by online banking or in the bank of your trust. After completing the transfer, you will receive an e-mail from us with all the transfer details. As soon as your payment arrives, we will complete your transaction and your money will arrive in the UK after 2 to 3 business days.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you have any questions! You can also visit our FAQ.