Recharge Nauta internet in Cuba

Send internet top up to a Cuban Nauta account

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No matter if you are a resident of Cuba, are travelling there for the first time or have a family member one on the island,
it is important to know how you can connect to relatives in Cuba. There are Nauta Wi-Fi hotspots spread all over the island
which you can use with a Nauta account.
How to recharge
a Cuban Nauta account

  • First, you have to fill in the email address of the Nauta top up receiver
  • Then you choose the amount with which you want to recharge the Nauta account
  • At last, you can decide whether you would like to pay by credit card, direct banking or paysafecard
  • After your payment the Nauta account will be recharged immediately and you or your family member can use Nauta internet right away!
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How to recharge Nauta with Fonmoneystep by step

Watch our video and see how to recharge a Cuban Nauta account. Send Nauta top up to your loved ones in Cuba to keep in touch!

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Send top up to a Cuban Nauta account with Fonmoney

While the internet in Cuba is limited, internet access is possible in public places such as airports and hotels and at designated Nauta Wi-Fi hotspots all over the island.

There are over 200 hotspots now in the country and for the first time it is no longer a distant reality to use internet when living in Cuba.

Wherever you are, you can send Nauta top up from 10 CUC to 50 CUC directly to relatives who live in Cuba with Fonmoney. Make your loved ones happy and recharge a Nauta account by following the simple steps on our page. Enter the Nauta ID and select an amount you would like to send.
Why not support your family in Cuba and send Nauta top up to a Cuban account?

Fonmoney has a lot of experience with safe and economical mobile phone recharges in Cuba. Now you can also recharge your Nauta account. Another possibility to support your family and friends in Cuba in a more effective way is to send money to Cuba from Europe.
Check out our other services and be connected to your loved ones in Cuba!
How much money do you want
to send to Cuba?

Your transfer to Cuba

Sending amount Transfer fee
100.00 EUR 7.50 EUR
Your total Receivable amount
107.50 EUR 102.13 CUC
Exchange rate
1 EUR = 1.0213 CUC
FCA regulated